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Unicita has been providing intellectual property services, legal outsourcing services, and legal support solutions since 2003. Our aim is to enable our clients to increase their internal capacity and maintain superior quality and efficiency with maximum cost effectiveness. Our dedicated team never compromises on quality and standard operating procedures. We facilitate our services 24 hours a day.

Unicita has received excellent reviews for its timely and transparent processes. Unicita maintains records, dockets, timesheets, and project status sheets for all its clients ensuring that deadlines are met and applications are filed per the client’s instructions. Employees of Unicita continually attend conferences, seminars, and courses in India and the United States, held by attorneys and government agencies to keep themselves updated on developments in the field of intellectual property. Unicita’s principal focus has always been on the needs and requirements of its clients. Our employees have authored books on patents and trademarks and published scores of articles on intellectual property. Our publications include "Patent Your Idea", "Trademarks - A Guide to Filing and Prosecuting a Mark", and "Trademarks - A Guide for Registering, Opposing and Appealing a Mark" are available on amazon.com for a nominal cost.

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Why Unicita?

Smooth Transition: At Unicita, we make the transition to outsourcing smooth and easy. You can talk to an associate anytime on the phone and/or receive immediate responses using our online chat facility. We will communicate with you by email, phone, WebEx® web conferencing, and our drop box secure facility.
High Quality: In addition, the work delivered will meet the high standard expected by clients, US patent attorneys, patent agents, and US practicing attorney. It is our policy to send our associates to the United States to attend courses, conferences, and seminars on US law to be trained every year. A few of the courses and seminars attended by our team are listed below:

  • “Art & Science of Patent Searching”, Patent Resources Group, Inc.
  • “The Patent Prosecution Boot Camp”, American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
  • “Drafting Winning Patents”, Patent Resources Group, Inc.
  • “Trademark Administrators Conference”, International Trademark Association (INTA).
  • “Complying with U.S. Export Controls”, U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security.
  • “Midwest Legal Immigration Conference”, “James A. Benzoni, Benzoni Law Office, P.L.C., Iowa.

This training equips us with the knowledge and skill that set us apart from other outsourcing providers.
Cost efficient: At Unicita, you can expect the best at a cost efficient rate. At Unicita, you can hire a paralegal for a day, a week or month at 1/6th the cost you are paying now. You can also pay per assignment or per hour. We offer flat rates and discounted rates for solo practitioners. We also offer discounted rates to firms looking for a long term partner.
Committed to the relationship:
Unicita is your outsourcing partner. We are entirely dedicated to you and your requirement. Our relationship with you is important to us and we are committed to your needs. At Unicita, we ensure that we deliver quality work, we meet your deadlines, and we communicate with you every step of the way.
We understand that the information you send us is confidential and we have systems in place to maintain this. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you stating that we will not disclose your confidential information to any other source.