Business Method Patents

To be patentable, business methods, in particular, require removal of any indication that the methods are directed to abstract ideas. Business methods typically need to meet the machine-or-transformation test. In accordance with the machine-or-transformation test, the claimed method must be tied to a particular machine or apparatus; or particularly transform a particular article to a different state or thing.

Unicita Consulting Pvt. Ltd. provides patent strategies for protecting business methods and can help you transform your business methods to patentable subject matter. We have drafted and filed hundreds of business method patent applications for more than 300 clients since 2003. Unicita Consulting Pvt. Ltd. can help you develop patentable subject matter out of your business method inventions and help you analyze subject matter eligibility for patent protection. Our experienced patent engineers and patent agents are skilled in conducting patent searches and drafting patent applications for business method inventions in various domains such as:

• Targeted advertising
• Finance management
• Collaborative business management
• Social networking
• Personal communication
• Electronic commerce
• Multimedia applications
• Mobile applications
• Location based applications
• Healthcare management
• Sale management
• Education

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