Design Patents

A design patent protects the aesthetic or ornamental design or shape of an inventive concept without regard to its utility. You can obtain a design patent for an invention provided the design appears visually distinguishable from the designs in the prior art patents. A new and unique design of an article, for example, a piece of furniture, a piece of computer equipment such as a computer mouse, a mobile phone, a chair, a briefcase, head gear, tools, instruments, toys, wearable items such as shoes, accessories, etc., can be protected by a design patent.

A design patent application must provide a complete set of views from all sides; this is usually accomplished with six standard views, namely, front, rear, right, left, top, and bottom elevation views. The entire design must be shown in each of these views. One or more perspective views, for example, one front and one rear, should also be included if the elevation views do not clearly illustrate the design. Appropriate and adequate surface shading should be used to show the character or contour of the surfaces represented. Broken lines may be used to show unclaimed environmental structure.

Unicita Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has filed and obtained grants on hundreds of design patents for more than 100 clients since 2003. Our experienced patent engineers and patent agents are skilled in conducting design patent searches, preparing drawings to meet patent office requirements, and drafting design patent applications.

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