Electronics and Telecommunications Patents

Electronic and telecommunications patents are granted for improvements in a number of areas of electronics including analog circuitry, digital devices, semiconductor devices, and new and useful communication technologies such as cellular systems, wireless networks, fiber optics, satellite transmissions, etc., and related technical fields. To be patentable, electronics and telecommunication inventions must include a technical feature expressed in functional terms. Our experienced patent engineers and patent agents are skilled in conducting patent searches and drafting patent applications for electronics and telecommunication inventions in various domains such as:

• Signal Processing
• Signal Acquisition
• Integrated Circuits
• Semiconductor Device Packaging
• Photovoltaic Cells
• Solar Powered Devices
• Sensor applications
• Filters
• LED Devices
• GPS Transmitters and Receivers
• Wireless Communication Systems
• Switchgear Assemblies
• Video Generator Systems
• Noise Cancellation Devices
• Radio Frequency Circuits
• Embedded System Designs
• Data Reproduction Systems
• Imaging Apparatuses
• Medical Communication Systems

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