Infringement Search/Analysis

Unicita’s experienced engineers and patent agents perform infringement searches, also referred to as freedom to operate searches or clearance searches, to determine whether a client’s product infringes on unexpired patents. Unicita conducts the infringement searches on internationally accepted databases and publicly available patent databases to identify patents that are potentially applicable to the field and technology of a client’s product. Further to conducting an infringement search, Unicita performs an infringement analysis/study of the patents identified by the infringement search. The infringement analysis/study includes a thorough and careful review of the claims of unexpired patents to determine if the features of a product or invention read on every element of the claims of active or unexpired patents and to determine if a client is potentially free to operate without risk of infringing the identified patents in a particular country. Unicita performs individual comparisons between the independent claims of the patents identified by the infringement search and the elements or structures described in the client’s product.

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