Invalidity Search/Analysis

Unicita’s experienced engineers and patent agents perform validity searches to invalidate a patent that was granted in error. Unicita conducts the validity searches on internationally accepted databases and publicly available patent databases to identify prior art that could potentially invalidate the claims of a granted patent. Further to conducting a validity search, Unicita performs an invalidity analysis of the prior art identified by the validity search. The invalidity analysis includes a thorough and careful review of the features of the prior art to determine whether the features of the prior art read on every element of each of the claims of the granted patent. Unicita performs individual comparisons between the independent claims of the granted patent in question and the elements or structures described in the prior art and helps a manufacturer of a product to invalidate the granted patent in order to prove that the product is non-infringing. The results of the validity search can be used as evidence to invalidate the claims of the granted patent, thereby showing that the subject patent should not have been issued as a patent in the first place in view of the identified prior art references and that the inventor of the subject patent was not the first to file or develop the invention.

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