Legal Research

Research Services:

Unicita Consulting provides legal research assistance to law firms in the United States . This includes provides paralegal and research services. The company uses a wide database of legal search engines such as Westlaw to conduct professional and quality legal research activities. All work performed is supervised and reviewed by qualified attorneys. Paralegals who conduct these searches are especially trained to use these search engines. By providing research assistance to US law firms, Unicita Consulting effectively cuts down long hours spent on researching by the attorney who can instead focus on more important issues involved in the trial of the case. A comprehensive research report is provided when the research is complete. We offer our new clients the advantage of a pilot test before entering into a formal agreement with us.

" I found your firm to be prompt with the fulfillment of assignments and thorough. Importantly, when issues were uncovered in your research you advised me of them and worked with me on the refocusing of briefs to accommodate the aspects of the law which your research introduced to me."
- John Berg, Attorney at law, Pennsylvania

Preparation of Briefs and White Papers:

Once the research is complete, we also provide preparation of Briefs and White Papers. With highly qualified lawyers investing time into the preparation of these briefs, there is hardly any scope that is left for error. This in turn saves a lot of time for the US Attorney working on the case, since he has with him a ready-to-be-filed-brief. This in turn allows him to invest more time on other important stages of the trial thereby giving him an edge of a well researched - well drafted - well prosecuted case. We offer our new clients the advantage of a pilot test before entering into a formal agreement with us.

Unicita Consulting also prepares White Papers. With extremely well qualified lawyers and engineers serving the legal needs of its clients from across the globe, Unicita has prepared White Papers which show the level of expertise present within the company

Unicita Consulting assures its clients of the quality and language put forth in all its work products.

"It (white paper) was well researched and presented and delivered on time. It was a pleasure doing business with them"
- Miles Mayne (Canada) on research papers.