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    When the relevant facts of a case are provided, Unicita Consulting helps US law firms in the preparation of Motions for their cases. Here at Unicita, we also draft arguments in support of the Motions. We draft Motions to Dismiss, Motions for Summary Judgment, Motion in limine, Motions for a Directed Verdict, Motions for Judgment N.O.V., Motions for a New Trial, Motions to Set Aside Judgment, Motions for Nolle Prosequi, Motions to Compel to name a few. We make sure that these Motions along with the arguments are presented in the required format. We offer our new clients the advantage of a pilot test before entering into a formal agreement with us.

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Deposition Summaries & Expert Witness Summaries:

Unicita Consulting also provides for the preparation of Deposition Summaries and Expert Witness Summaries that assist US Attorneys in the preparation of their case. Generally, depositions run into hundreds of pages. Going through these depositions turns out to be an arduous task for an Attorney who is already burdened with the pressure of litigation. At Unicita, we assist Attorneys by providing these summaries. These summaries are extremely helpful to the Attorney as he is presented with a concise and precise document that covers all the important facts stated in the Deposition and in the Expert Witness statement. Paralegals who are especially trained in this regard, supervised by skilled and extremely qualified lawyers, makes it certain that the end work product that is presented matches up to the standards that have already been set in the industry. As always, we offer our new clients the advantage of a pilot test before entering into a formal agreement with us.

Letters and Complaints:

Unicita Consulting handles even drafting Letters and Complaints. An enormous amount of time is spent on drafting and responding to Letters and Complaints, which in the end, turns out to be a burden for Attorneys who have to deal with other pressures of running and maintaining a law firm. Unicita Consulting makes sure that the entire litigation process is made easy and smooth for Attorneys working in US law firms. To achieve this purpose, we have developed a system that assists US law firms in every stage of litigation.