Mechanical Patents

Inventions related to new and useful mechanical structures that perform useful functions can be protected by mechanical utility patents. We have drafted and filed hundreds of mechanical patent applications for more than 300 clients since 2003. Unicita Consulting Pvt. Ltd. can help you identify the patentable components of a mechanical system/assembly and advise on possible design and/or utility aspects of patent protection. Our experienced patent engineers and patent agents are skilled in conducting patent searches, preparing formal mechanical patent drawings, and drafting patent applications for mechanical inventions.

The following information is required for drafting a mechanical patent application:

• A description of the components of the mechanical invention
• An identification of one or more components of the mechanical system/assembly that is novel over the prior art
• Utility of the mechanical invention
• Current state of the art
• Advantages of the mechanical inventive concept over the current art
• A detailed technical description of the components of the mechanical system and their relation to one another
• System, subsystem and component drawings for a clear understanding of the mechanical invention

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