Patent Drafting and Filing

Unicita’s experienced patent engineers and patent agents are skilled in performing searches and drafting patent applications for complex inventions in various domains, for example, electronics and communications, telecommunications, electrical engineering, computer science, software, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, business methods, wireless domains, etc. Our patent engineers and patent agents regularly attend courses, conferences, and seminars on intellectual property rights in India and the United States.

Unicita will perform a prior art patent search for your inventive concept to determine whether the inventive concept is new and non-obvious. Unicita will conduct a comprehensive worldwide and national search on subscribed and publicly available patent search databases to determine the patents/patent applications relevant to the invention. If an inventive concept is found to be patentable, that is, novel and non-obvious, Unicita will draft a comprehensive patent application describing the uniqueness of the inventive concept according to the standards laid down by the patent offices.

In order to draft a patent application, Unicita requires a complete description of the invention, including the novel concepts of the invention, a description of the process flow of the invention, a description of the system used for implementing the steps of the invention, and any available literature related to the invention such as design documents, product specifications, web links, technical papers, marketing brochures, etc. The following information must be provided in an inventor’s disclosure of an invention.

Process flow:
• A process flow diagram/flowchart and a description of the method steps that must be followed to achieve the end result or final step in an invention.
• A description of possible variations of each step in the process flow.
• An identification of one or more of the steps of the invention that are novel.

System Architecture:
• A block diagram of all the components of the system used to implement the steps of the invention.
• A description of each component of the system and how it relates to other components in the system.
• A description of possible variations of each component of the system.
• An identification of one or more components of the invention that are novel.

In the case of business methods and software inventions, Unicita requires a description of how the process flow can be linked to a computer executable program on computer hardware in order to render the business method and software process as patent eligible. The inventor also needs to show how original input data is meaningfully transformed or changed into a different output.

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