"For more than 25 years my company has investigated complaints of police misconduct. Earlier this year our company began using Unicita Consulting to assist our clients with legal matters and court filings. The impact on our business has been enormous. Both our sales and client satisfaction have skyrocketed as a direct result of the professional services Unicita provides.

Unicita paralegals can research a case and provide detailed guidance to our clients in a matter of days. We were most impressed with respect to the thoroughness of their work and the speed in which case work is completed. In less than five days Unicita consulting can review a case, provide substantial legal research and produce a comprehensive legal document. Because my clients are scattered throughout the country Unicita is able to tailor the legal documents to fit within the legal requirements in virtually any courtroom in the country (USA).

Because many of my clients cannot afford a lawyer, our use of Unicita allowed important legal claims to receive a professional review at a reasonable price. As a result of our business relationship with Unicita consulting we have increased our services and we are saving money while at the same time reducing staff time on legal matters. Anyone interested in finding a professional paralegal service should consider Unicita consulting. We could not be happier with this service."

- Kamau, CEO of
  "I found your firm to be prompt with the fulfillment of assignments and thorough. Importantly, when issues were uncovered in your research you advised me of them and worked with me on the refocusing of briefs to accommodate the aspects of the law which your research introduced to me."
- John Berg, Attorney at law, Pennsylvania.
  " The submission from xxxxxx nicely tracked the defense motion. I appreciate that. That could be good training for every response brief, because it made it easy for me to track along with the plaintiff's own response to what the defendant was saying."
- District Court (Western District of Michigan) on summary motions.
  "I have hired Unicita several times to prepare responses to patent and trademark office actions and I highly recommend them. I had previously used several legal outsourcing firms with bad experiences. Unicita surpassed all my expectations.They are thorough, efficient and have wide knowledge on U.S patent and trademark laws which results in granted patents and registered trademarks at the USPTO. Unicita has reduced my work load considerably by timely completing these responses which hardly needs review. I will definitely continue to use their services"
- Ash Tankha, Patent and Trademark Attorney, IP Legal Services
  It (white paper) was well researched and presented and delivered on time. It was a pleasure doing business with them"
- Miles Mayne (Canada) on research papers.
  Hired Unicita as a Business Consultant in 2009 , and hired Unicita more than once. Great Results , Expert , On Time"
- Efeosa Idemudia (Independent Service Provider) on summary motions.
  "A great agency to work with. I always get a feeling that I am talking to a friend or family when I am working with anyone in Unicita. They have always been very proactive in Intellectual Property matters, whether it is filing or guidance or working with inventors. I would recommend them to anyone who wants prompt and honest service."
- Dr. Bala Ramadurai, Innovation Facilitator, MindTree Ltd.