Software Patents

Software typically refers to a set of codes or instructions capable of performing a function. In general, a set of software instructions that are not reducible to or practicable in hardware form, or do not involve the manipulation of hardware or data to produce a useful result are not patentable. Moreover, disembodied mathematical algorithms and formulas without industrial application to generate useful results are not patentable. It is the machine, process, or function employing the set of software instructions that is patentable. To patent software, a claimed method should meet the patentability criteria; that is, it must be new, useful, non-obvious, inventive, statutory, capable of industrial application, and most importantly claimed in an appropriate manner. A software patent can preclude others from utilizing a computer implemented software, program, or algorithm without permission, and can preclude others from creating a software program that performs a function in a particular way.

Unicita Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has been providing intellectual property right services to established software firms, startups, and independent inventors nationwide and in foreign countries through our foreign associates. Unicita Consulting Pvt. Ltd. provides patent strategies for protecting software and can help you transform your software ideas to patentable subject matter. We have drafted and filed hundreds of software patent applications for more than 300 clients since 2003. Our experienced patent engineers and patent agents are skilled in conducting patent searches and drafting patent applications for complex software used in various domains such as:

• Medical/dental imaging
• Three-dimensional animation
• Voice messaging
• Multimedia applications
• Mobile applications
• Media streaming
• Security
• Database management
• Content distribution
• Location based applications
• Healthcare
• Education
• Assistive technology
• Personal communication
• Collaborative information management

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