Technical Writing

Unicita Consulting Pvt. Ltd. provides quality and cost effective technical writing services in different technical fields such as computer software, computer hardware, engineering, electronics, telecommunications, etc., and marketing fields to a vast national and international clientele. Unicita merges domain knowledge with modern technology and methodologies in conveying technical information. Our technical writing services include creation of user guides/manuals, instruction manuals, on-line help content, tutorials, quick reference guides, case studies, preparation of white papers, documents, articles, reports, product specifications, marketing content, web content, etc. We ensure complete, thorough, and effective technical communication through high quality technical documentation.

Unicita Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has skilled technical writers and patent engineers who prepare technical documents that are easily understood by a target audience in any industry and technical domain. Our technical writers are experienced in preparing new documents on specialized topics, formatting existing documents to conform to a company style guide or a company format, streamlining existing documents for usability, and preparing help documentation that offers immediate, task-specific assistance to software users to allow them to complete unfamiliar tasks promptly.

Our technical writers analyze client needs, learn about the purpose and functionality of a product, define a plan for documenting relevant information, and develop technical documents that will help your customers understand your products and how to use them effectively. Our technical writers work with our engineering team consisting of engineers in different technical disciplines to understand complex technical processes and components, and use related tools, templates, and procedures in order to ensure efficient documentation and communication of information.

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