Trademark Prosecution

Unicita offers IP support services by drafting responses to trademark office actions, and trademark appeals. Unicita’s flat fee pricing allows a profitable offering on such responses.

a) Trademark Office Actions:
Services related to trademark office actions, Unicita provides well researched and detailed responses to office actions received from trademark office in support of registration of trademarks. We also prepare responses to trademark office actions relating to:
• likelihood of confusion rejections
• descriptive mark rejections
• generic mark rejections
• Geographically descriptive mark rejections, etc.

b) Trademark Appeal Briefs:
Unicita Consulting also prepares Trademark Appeal Briefs. When a final office action is issued during the prosecution of a trademark application, the applicant can either respond to the final office action or appeal the decision of the Examining Attorney to the Trademark Appellate Board. Unicita Consulting prepares appeal briefs with arguments dependent upon the nature of the Examining Attorney’s rejection.

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