Medico-Legal cases & contributions made by LPOs

Medico Legal in simple language incorporates the essentials of two professions- medicine and law. Though both being different in practice, form the quintessential requirements of human civilization. The concept of medico-legal outsourcing forms the basis for handling the legalities involved in medical malpractice cases in India. In order to handle this ever increasing legal business, medico legal experts have evolved over a period of time and these experts act as a link between the professions. LPOs in India have acted as a catalyst for providing outsourcing services for medical malpractice cases over the last decade. Medico-legal experts would involve doctors applying their expertise in case laws where the cause of action has arisen in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s clinics or in diagnostic centers. The frequency of cases has arisen in this particular sector and as result such type of cases are being offloaded to legal outsourcing companies in India. The usual types of medical malpractice cases we get to see in this sector include the following:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure or delay to diagnose
  • Surgical errors
  • Medication errors
  • Adverse reactions to drugs & drug interaction
  • Errors in medical procedures
  • Doctors are appointed as experts to provide the reasons for medical malpractice through utilization of their in depth knowledge and act as facilitators for the furtherance of such cases. It is also pertinent that some investigation by law enforcement agencies is performed to establish a valid claim. Once a claim is made by the plaintiff, doctors, hospital staff act as witnesses and are asked to depose before the council. We also have independent medical reports made by doctors and some doctors who are not connected with the case act as expert witnesses. But the real issue arises when a bulk of such medico legal work needs to be documented, assessed and applied to the relevant case laws. This is time consuming for the overseas attorney or law firms. Moreover medical malpractice cases require in depth understanding and high end analytical skills of the facts related to the case. Hence the overseas attorney or law firm is dependant on outsourcing such works to LPOs in India.

    LPO providers in India are well stocked with comprehensive knowledge and practical experience of medical laws. If a medico legal service is outsourced, a quality result can be achieved within the relevant time frame.

    LPOs in India can provide medico legal support to overseas lawyers and law firms in the following areas:

  • Case Screening- Identify the strength and weakness of a case
  • Medical Legal Research
  • Prepare medical records for expert review
  • Draft documents related to law suits.
  • Provide the above in quick time at economical rates
  • Moreover, by offloading medico-legal work, the overseas attorney or law firm can cut down the costs involved in such cases substantially and in turn provide this benefit to the patients or plaintiffs.

    LPOs in India have played a stellar role in acquiring such businesses and have made effective deliveries much to the delight of the attorneys and law firms based in the USA as well as in UK.