Outsourcing and the evolution of legal transcription

With increasing globalization and the scope of companies becoming larger and more expansive, the concept of outsourcing has gained much meaning than the past. Outsourcing means giving out work to an outside professional body with rich experience in the field to get the deliverables of the work within a stipulated deadline, and you make the payment for the work. The continuation of this type of outsourced professional collaboration has grown leaps and bounds in the recent past and the Legal transcription industry has started fast growing in the fast changing and demanding growth pangs of the World in general.

However, a lot of work that is outsourced is also off-shored. Off-shoring refers to sending the work to a different country. This is where the cost cutting actually comes in. But there are several other benefits that are considered too. The organization which outsources gains immensely in the following ways:

Cost Saving, Offloads the task for freeing up its resources, Gets fresh and good expertise and creativity in the job, Risk management is easily done by offloading the task, Business can be expanded and internationalized, Can give good consumer satisfaction and offer 24x7 services.

Thus the legal industry all over the world has grown and spreading its wings and the fast growing Legal transcription industry is one of the most outsourced job industry which provides 24x7 services and has generated employment opportunities for qualified graduates, law students and professionals in the field after medical transcription and business transcription and is proving to be highly helpful for law firms, business firms, non-profit organizations and attorneys offered in a highly competitive and time-bound manner for their clients and the law firms and the attorneys have more time to concentrate on important matters and to service their clients better.

Legal transcription involves creating legal documents from recorded files of court proceedings and trials. The need for legal transcription services arose from the fact that the lawyers handling civil and criminal cases require hard copies of proceedings. The legal transcription industry provides transcription facilities which include the verbatim transcription, legal correspondence transcription and other specified demand services in a professional manner with 24x7 services. In United States and the UK, Legal transcription involves creating legal documents from recorded files of court proceedings and trials. These can be pleadings, judgments, or interrogatories. To address the need for effective transcription of all these proceedings, the legal transcription service offers quality services for a wide range of clients including, Attorneys, Public prosecutors, Financial, banking and insurance firms, etc., The transcription ensures a near 100% accuracy in the transcribed documents. The fast growing transcription industry employs mostly law graduates who have been imparted high levels of training with regard to international standards with periodical updates in their knowledge levels on legal terms

Since security of legal documents is vital and critical and to ensure high levels of security, the legal transcription industry on the whole are using internet security encryptions for all online transfers of audio, video and processed legal documents. All the legal documents are digitized and securely stored by the outsourcing firms; the retrieval of documents is easy, saving considerable time and effort.