Family Law

In this divorce case, a law firm sought Unicita’s help to handle this matter in the swiftest possible manner. The following case study will guide you as to how this firm benefitted from Unicita’s involvement in this particular case.



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Case Study

Plaintiff based in the UK had a traumatic experience due to her husband’s unnatural behaviour. She approached an attorney based in Swindon, UK, to initiate divorce proceedings. In order to provide quick relief to the Plaintiff, the attorney sought Unicita’s assistance. Following were the services rendered by Unicita for the attorney:

a. Legal research on matrimonial law in the Plaintiff’s state.
b. Drafting of a Complaint & Legal Notice to the Defendant within the stipulated time limit prescribed by the attorney
c. Completion of Form E and Ancillary relief that the Plaintiff was entitled to receive from the divorce.

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