Outsourcing of Legal Research and Writing

In today’s scenario, Legal Outsourcing has achieved a global response. Many small, medium and big sized law firms throughout the world have accepted this concept and have started to outsource their legal requirements. India has emerged as one of the leading countries when it comes to legal outsourcing. LPO providers in India are very efficient and exactly know what the client requires. In India, lawyers associated with the LPO providers are well aware with the conducting of the legal systems of the USA and UK.

One of the fastest developing vertical in Legal Outsourcing is the concept of “Legal Research and Writing” services. Legal Research is the process of identifying and retrieving information necessary to support legal decision-making. It includes research on case law precedence. “Legal Writing” on the other hand refers to drafting research memoranda as well as drafting legal pleadings of all varieties—briefs in support, appellate briefs, trial motions, writs, etc.

Why Outsource Legal Research and Writing:

One of the most prominent reasons why Legal Research and Writing is outsourced is because it is very time consuming and lawyers do not have time to research on various cases they handle due to their hectic work schedule. Embroiled in litigation and court appearances, these lawyers have resorted to LPOs in India for getting such legal research and writing works.

Secondly Legal Research desires high end analytical skills and is an expensive affair for both the lawyers and the clients alike. Substantiation of cases requires high end legal research and efficiency plays a key factor for such activities, something that LPOs in India provide. Currently, very few high quality LPOs in India provide such services.

How Legal Research Works:

Legal Researchers use research tools to conduct legal research. The two prominent tools that have been used by the legal researchers are: Lexis Nexis and Westlaw. The two research service providers are well equipped with many legal documents like citations, jurisprudence, different Acts, Rules and Regulations, etc. These apart, there are other search engines like Google, Yahoo, Alta-Vista, Findlaw, Legal Engine, Law Crawler etc. LPOs based in India use these mediums to work on legal research projects.

How can an effective training be provided to a Legal Researchers:

Training programs form the basis for conducting legal research activities. A well-developed curriculum with regard to the steps involved whilst conducting legal research activities needs to be initiated. The trainee will also need to undergo a session to navigate and utilize the legal research tools such as West Law and Lexis Nexis. That apart the trainee is also informed about the various approaches to legal research work depending upon the type of research activity. It is always recommended to appoint a full time attorney with experience when it comes to legal research. Such training programs could involve even non-trained lawyers.

Finally, to whom should Legal Research and Writing be outsourced?

Identifying the right legal research provider requires a fair amount of study as many LPOs have germinated during the last decade or so, but very few of them are involved in providing high end legal services. Hence for an attorney based in the USA or UK, choosing the right LPO service provider that is involved in offering such high end services is a must.

This kind of work can be outsourced to an LPO service provider in India who is willing to understand the requirements of the law firm and capable of delivering high end quality work.