Personal Injury:

This motor vehicle accident occurred in the State of Philadelphia and the attorney for the case approached us to provide support services with regard to it. The case study highlights the services provided by Unicita to the concerned attorney as well as the leverage that the client had while handling this case.



        Unicita’s familiarity in handling motor vehicle accident cases came in handy while handling this case …….

Case Study:

The Plaintiff, a victim of a motor vehicle accident met with a severe accident and sustained multiple injuries when his scooter parked on a side road got hit by a speeding car. As a result of this major accident, he was hospitalized for three weeks and was advised bed rest by the doctor. Unable to attend work, he also suffered from loss of wages and intended to claim compensation for injuries sustained and the financial loss. The following beneficial assistance was provided to the attorney by Unicita:

a. Legal Research on case laws.
b. Medical records summarization for pinpointing the injuries for claim.
c. Drafting a notice of claim addressed to insurance companies.
d. Prepared deposition summaries or examinations before trial.
e. Drafted the summons and complaint within the prescribed time limit as the statute of limitation was due to lapse.

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