Prospects For The Indian LPO’s In The Coming Years From 2011.

Definitely from the statistics of the past decade, India is the most popular destination for offshore services. Due to the huge resources, talent, accommodative policies of the government, time zone advantage, India is currently enjoying the fruits of off shoring services in a large scale despite the sensitiveness and the related seismic waves against it are also felt but getting offset by the huge popularity it is now enjoying.

The subprime crisis in the U.S., which has negatively impacted the world economy, but here in India it has helped the LPO firms in a big way. There has been a marked increase in the business. The economic slump has brought a lot of litigation work. As of now, according to the present estimates, there is a prospective demand of 15000 jobs in the LPO sector and due to the demand the average salary mark has also increased by an average 30-40%. The LPO firms are having a healthy order book and definitely it will consequentially benefit the employees in the coming days.

According to the Forrester Research project a boom for the legal outsourcing sector is projected from 2011 onwards. They have estimated that legal outsourcing to India will reach $4bn by 2015. In fact till 2007, according to the estimations of Valuenotes, spending on legal off shoring to India had reached $124mn. Now the focuses by the companies are not only on the figures of the industry but also on the problems involved in the functioning. Also with positive opinion of the American Bar Association about off shoring of legal services, the providers of offshore legal support services are flying high and can’t ask for anything more as of now.